Quartsville Out & Back

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If you ever lived in Seattle, Portland or San Francisco, you don’t miss the traffic or the weather. But you probably miss the classic Northwest forest. That is the Quartsville ride … just 1 hour and change from Bend.

This logging road hugs a stream and resevoir for 20+ miles. It wanders through a dense forest blanketed with lush ferns and framed by large ponderosa pines and rhododendrons (in May, they show off their amazing flowers). There are also a few peak-a-boo moments with glorious Mt Jefferson, Central Oregon’s tallest peak.

Quartsville is a serious road ride for two reasons. The first is the road is littered with rocks, sketchy turns, and bridges that lack smooth transitions. And Quartsville is steep … there are more than a few big climbs.

But the good news is that most folks ride Quartsville as an out and back. So as long as you aren’t too stupid about “bombing” too far down a hill that you need to climb back up, (yep, we’ve all done it), you can dish out just what you need. Some groups organize key swaps … a few cyclists start on each end and then meet on the course to exchange keys.

And … on a hot day, there are more than several spots to cool off in the water.

The elevation gains that we have detailed here are accurate and verified via riding the course. They vary significantly from that of a raw mapping of the course will provide. The raw mapping will provide an elevation gain and loss of several more thousand feet than actual.

This BLM brochure has more information on the area.

**Road Ride
– Out & Back: 96 miles / 8200 ft gain
– Location: 1 hour, 15 min northwest of Bend, OR
– Best ridden: Spring (when the rivers / creeks are flowing strong)
– Date Posted: May 2018

Intermediate to Advanced: Significant climbing with some pitches in excess of 10 %.

**The Start
At the intersection of NF-11 / Straight Creek Road and Highway 22. There is a dirt parking lot on NF-11 / Straight Creek road on the right hand side before crossing the creek. Note – it is very easy to miss the turn onto NF-11, use a GPS device to help locate the turn.

**Food / Water
Water at the following campgrounds: Yellowbottom at mile 26, Whitcomb at mile 39, Sunnyside at mile 48. May not be available year round, check with the BLM.

**GPX Track File
Click to download.

For more detailed information, click “View Full Version” in the upper left of a graphic.For help with Ride, GPS files, etc see the “Help with …” page.

One thought on “Quartsville Out & Back

  1. This is one of the best (paved) roads within 1.5hr drive of Bend. Great ripping descent (watch for rocks on the road), some nice views of the river along the way down. Once you get to the flatter terrain, you can see the lake for miles. The return trip has an undulating climb with enough visual distractions that it goes by (sorta) quickly.

    Note, the Yellowbottom handpump wasn’t working when we were there. Best to hit the less primitive campgrounds for water.

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