The Hills above Serra de Outes

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Explore the scenic hills and lands just north and northeast of Serra de Outes. Unlike other rides in the Galicia area, the climbs are never too steep or never too long. Most of the climbs are serrated (like a knife), there is climbing followed by short rest sections.

The ride has 3 distinct sections: (1) the initial climb from Serra de Outes climbs 1100 feet in 10 miles, (2) a rolling section through Wisconsin type farm lands that gradually transition to something similar to the Vermont country side, followed by (3) a climbing section through the high hills with scattered trees and rock outcroppings.

This ride, unlike other rides we have documented in the Galicia region, stays on local transit roads (narrow 2 lane roads) or larger. Thus, most of the sight lines down hill are good, and the tarmac is usually smooth.  / June 2016.

**Road Ride
– Loop: 36 miles / 3500 ft gain
– Location: Serra de Outes / Galicia region of Spain
– Date Posted / Updated: ~June 2016

– Terrain: The route is rolling with gradual serrated climbs (bits of respite throughout the climb).
– Pavement: Local transit roads.  Usually smooth tarmac, but several miles are light chip seal with dimpling.
– Traffic: Little throughout most of the route.

**The Start
Anywhere in the town of Serra de Outes.

**Food / Water
Negreira, about half way through the ride.

**More Info
For General information on riding in Galicia, see our blog post.

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