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Ride along Costa da Morte (the coast of death), look down onto one of the steepest climbs in Europe, the Ézaro with a short pitch of 30%, traverse around the west side of the Encoro de Sainta Uxia reservoir, and climb to the top of “windmill hill” before one of the best descents in the area.

If you are brave enough, at the end of your ride, give the Ézaro climb a go. It is 1.0 miles in length, with an altitude difference of 820 feet, an average gradient of 13 percent with sections early on of at least up to 30 percent. Just to add to the fun, the road surface at the steepest pitch is cement and concrete, not tarmac.

“This climb has a segment of 300 meters which is more than tough, it’s impossible,” recounts Galician ex-pro Ezequiel Mosquera. Just to note … Captain O and Bigfoot of the Dirty Freehub gang did make it up this climb without putting a foot down!

**Road Ride
– Loop: 34 miles / 3300 ft gain
– Location: Ézaro / Galicia region of Spain
– Date Posted: ~ July 2016

– Terrain: Continuously rolling up and down, but the climbs are relatively short in distance with the longest not exceeding 1100 feet in 5 miles.  (This does include the option of the Ézaro climb.)
– Pavement: Mostly back country roads and local transit roads. Smooth and fast pavement most of the way.
– Traffic: Little on the back country roads.  Moderate on AC-550 along the coast.

**The Start
Ézaro, at the visitor center. About .5 miles off of AC-550.

**Food / Water
Several spots along the coast on AC-550.

**More Info
For General information on riding in Galicia, see our blog post.

**GPX Track File
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