Ansó – Isaba Lollipop

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The beauty of this ride lies in the downhills. The climbs are good, but the descents are frickin’ terrific! The descent from the climb after Ansó is steep and technical with smooth tarmac. Technical = numerous hairpin turns of 180 degrees. Don’t be intimated by the descent, just pull on the brakes a bit more and go at a slower pace. For those that like to “let it rip”, you won’t find a more fun descent in the Pyrenees.

The descent of Valles Occidentales, on the back half of the loop from Isaba to Ansó, is one of the most scenic valley descents that we have ever done. This is a descent to do slow and to enjoy the views.

And … the descents on both sides of the stick of the lollipop from Hecho to/from Ansó are also really good. Wide road, good tarmac, and a 6 to 8 % grade.

As said in the beginning, the climbs aren’t bad either. The climbs are typically in the forested sections of the Pyrenees, giving “peek a boo” views of the majestic rocky peaks.

This route can be shortened by starting in Ansó, park in the public lot at the lower end of the city. 34 miles, 4000 feet gain. If you would like to add a bit of distance, do the out and back (3.3 miles, 520 feet gain – one way) spur to Refugio de Linza at mile 32.5. Go left instead of bearing right.

**Road Ride
– Lollipop: 49 miles / 5800 ft gain
– Location: ~ 40 min northwest of Jaca
– Date Posted: July 2017

– Terrain: 3 climbs. Moderate in length, but with grades of 8 %.
– Pavement: Local transit roads. Mostly smooth tarmac, the climb out of Ansó is a bit more rough.
– Traffic: Very light to light.

**The Start
Any general parking spot in Hecho.

**Food / Water
The two primary stops are Isaba and Ansó.

**More Info
For General information on riding in Galicia, see our blog post.

**GPX Track File
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