Spain Road Rides

Galicia Region (NW Corner of Spain)

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Ancares Climb (East)
An exceptional 5 Km climb, near the summit, at an average of 11+ percent!
Out & Back: 57 miles, 7500 ft gain
Where: Ponferrada

Ancares Climb (West)
Big! Demanding! … and worth all the pain and effort!
Out & Back: 50 miles, 9000 ft gain
Where: Navia de Suarana

Costa da Morte
40 miles of the most beautiful coast line in Spain and the world!
Loop: 56 miles, 5400 ft gain
Where: Sardiñeiro

Ride along the “coast of death”, look down onto one of the steepest climbs in Europe, the Ézaro with a short pitch of 30%, traverse around the west side of the Encoro de Sainta Uxia reservoir, and climb to the top of “windmill hill” before one of the best descents in the area.
Loop: 34 miles, 3300 ft gain
Where: Ézaro

Hills of Noia
Explore the scenic hills and farm lands between the “Bay of Murose and Noia” and the “Bay of Aurousa”.
Loop: 34 miles, 3500 ft gain
Where: Noia

The Hills Above Serra de Outes
A great ride with 3 personalities: (1) forest, (2) farmlands like Wisconsin, and (3) the rocky hills high above the coast.
Loop: 36 miles, 3500 ft gain
Where: Serra de Outes

 Morte + Ézaro
Ride one of the best coast lines in all of Europe + one of the most difficult climbs in Europe!
Loop: 91 miles, 9200 ft gain
Where: Ézaro

Muros Coastal Ride
A great introductory ride to the Galicia region: a moderate climb, a fun descent, and some riding along the coast.
Loop: 26 miles, 2500 ft gain
Where: Muros

Serra de Barbanza
A ride that highlights the rib of mountains from Noia to Ribeira. A big climb. Sweeping views.  Rolling ups and downs past quaint farms and vineyards and through forests.
Lollipop: 44 miles, 5300 ft gain
Where: Porto do Son

Tour of Porto do Son
A fun and demanding tour of the municipality of Porto do Son including a climb to the top of Mount Anxe.
Figure-of-Eight: 25 miles, 3500 ft gain
Where: Porto do Son

Tour of Ribeira
A picturesque tour of the coast and surrounding hills in the municipality of Riberia.
Loop: 34 miles, 2400 ft gain
Where: Riberia

The Vineyards of Ribeira Sacra
A classic climb. Coffee. A castle. A grand descent. Vineyards. Another spectacular climb. A second castle.
Loop: 56 miles, 6600 ft gain
Where: Monfort de Lemos

Pireneos (The mountain range bordering France)

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Ansó – Isaba Lollipop
This ride is about two things – exceptional downhills and beautiful valleys!
Loop: 49 miles, 5800 ft gain
Where: ~ 40 min northwest of Jaca

Col de la Pierre Saint Martin (South)
A col ride with a unique summit approach and a downhill that is as good as the uphill.
Out & Back: 34 miles / 3800 feet
Where: ~ 1.5 hours northeast of Pamplona

Col du Somport
A great introductory ride to the Pyrenees – not too steep, not too long, but with great views!
Out & Back: 19 miles / 3200 feet
Where: ~ 19 miles north of Jaca, Spain

Parque Natural de Guara – Boltaña
A remote national park of canyons and mountains, grand views of the Pyrenees, tiny roads, and a big descent.
Loop: 32 miles, 3300 ft gain
Where: ~ 5 miles west of Aínsa

Parque Natural de Guara – en Total
A beautiful traverse of the National Park from south to north taking in the canyons and rugged landscape. A must do ride!
Point to Point: 39 miles, 4000 ft gain
Where: ~ 20 minutes northwest of Barbastro

Puerto de Balneario de Panticosa
In the first 3 kilometers, you will have ridden through a tunnel, crossed a dam, done a short but steep climb, passed through the quaint town of Hoz de Jaca and ridden on a road that feels more like a sidewalk.
Out & Back: 57 miles, 7500 ft gain
Where: ~ 30 min northeast of Jaca

Refugio de Lazara
Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Refugio de Lizara! Cool views! Coffee! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down! Ahhh!
Out & Back: 23 miles / 3500 feet
Where: ~ 7 miles north of Jaca

The Southern Hills of Jaca
A classic Spanish country side ride. Rolling hills, wheat fields, small roads, and quaint towns!
Loop: 45 miles, 4000 ft gain
Where: Jaca