France Road Rides

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Col d’Aubisque (Loop)
A classic must do route in the Pyrenees. Stunning!
Loop: 49 miles / 6700 feet
Where:  Louvie-Juzon

Col de la Pierre Saint Martin (North)
This route rides like that song that is mellow, rhythmic, enthralling…. and somewhat dark and deep.
Inverted lollipop: 35 miles / 5800 feet
Where: Lée

Col du Somport
A great introductory ride to the Pyrenees – not too steep, not too long, but with great views!
Out & Back: 19 miles / 3200 feet
Where: Candanchú, Spain

Cirque de Troumouse
You do this ride for the up, not the down. Big views! Switchbacks! Steep grades!
Out & Back: 36 miles / 5600 feet
Where: Luz Saint-Sauveur