Bend MTB Training Routes

Here you will find routes that do not meet our 4 or 5 star criteria but are still really fun to ride. The descriptions are brief, the mapping detail is less and the route accuracy is not guaranteed.  Please leave us a comment regarding the route you did and what you thought.  Thanks!

Riders on the Storm

A short, simple loop when you have limited time. Fun!!
Loop: 12 miles / 1100 feet
Trails: Ticket to Ride –> Grand Slam –> Storm King –> Catch & Release
Difficulty: Beginner
Cue Sheet / TCX file

Take a Chance on Me

We like this ride for its views of Tumalo Creek and the South Fork of Tumalo Creek, all which occur early in the ride. The back half of the ride is downward trending with tight turns and a bit of ‘rip’.
Loop: 16 miles, 1800 ft
Trails: Tumalo Creek trail –> Southfork –> Swede Ridge –> Upper Whoops –> Skyliner
Difficulty: Intermediate
Cue Sheet / TCX file

Walk this Way

A longer version of Riders on the Storm…. and done in the opposite direction. Fun!!
Loop: 19 miles / 1400 feet
Trails: Ticket to Ride –> Grand Slam –> Storm King –> Tiddlywinks –> Larsen’s –> Tyler’s Traverse –> Catch & Release
Difficulty: Intermediate
Cue Sheet / TCX file