Our Mission

Dirty Freehub is about sharing our passion for gravel cycling. Our goal is that through good stewardship of pubic lands, collaboration, and sharing of routes, we can have a positive social and economic impact in the communities we ride.

Our routes are “curated”; they provide accurate and detailed route descriptions, pictures, maps, cue sheets and downloadable GPX files. Our routes are about being adventuresome and scenic, meeting our 5 Star criteria.

For an in-depth look at who we are, our philosophy on routes and riding, and our hometown of Bend, Oregon check out this article by our local newspaper, the Bend Bulletin, and this article by Bend Magazine.

Dirty Freehub is not for profit, but we have expenses. Part of our costs are paid through sponsorship, but not all costs. Thus, if you enjoy what we do here at Dirty Freehub, a nominal contribution on your part would be much appreciated! Give what you think is right, but if each of our subscribers contributed $20 / year we would cover our costs. For more information on our costs and how to donate, click here.

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