Join the Route Development Team

Do you like adventure? Do you like to ride? Do you like being part of a team? If so, Dirty Freehub is looking for individuals to join the Route Development team.

The task:

  • to create and / or identify routes that potentially meet the Dirty Freehub 5 Star criteria.
  • to ride and evaluate those routes. Do they meet the Dirty Freehub 5 Star criteria?
  • to document (in writing and pictures) the routes that meet the Dirty Freehub 5 Star criteria.

Currently we have routes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Tasmania that need to be tested. There is so much to ride and explore!

We are looking for individuals who are: (a) aligned with our mission at Dirty Freehub and (2) share our vision for great riding routes. We are open to all ages, abilities, and experience levels. To us, diversity is a good thing! Check out our current Route Ambassadors.

We are an all volunteer driven organization. However, we do have some industry perks to offer for doing this.

If interested, drop Captain O an email at

The Process of Route Development

There are several approaches a Ride Ambassador can take in route development. It can be as simple as looking through the Dirty Freehub database of test routes, identifying one to ride, riding it, and then documenting it in the Training Route format. Or it can be as involved as researching out an area, mapping a route, riding it, and then documenting it as a 5 Star route with a picture gallery, a detailed route description, and color coded map.

The how …

  1. Find a route to ride.
    • You can do this through your own research using Strava Heat maps, RideWithGPS, Facebook groups, etc.
    • Or, you can go into the Dirty Freehub Club database and search on the tag of “Test Route”. These are routes that we have identified at Dirty Freehub that hold potential to be great, but have not been ridden. (If you are not a member of the DF RideWithGPS Club, follow this link, and complete the sign up process. Thereafter, I will designate you as a Route Manager which will give you access to all of the Test Routes. Over 100+ routes currently!
  2. After riding the route, determine if it is a 5 Star Route, a Training Route, or something that just shouldn’t be documented.
  3. Document the route (assuming it’s of 5 Star or Training Route quality), using …
  4. Make a copy of the the guides, complete the information, and share back with KevinE, the lead Route Developer at Dirty Freehub, when completed.

Your first route …

This all may look a bit overwhelming, but we would encourage you to click through the links and investigate the information. Our recommendation would be … take it slow and easy to start with. Pick one of the the Test Routes to ride, take your phone with you on the ride (snap a bunch of pictures, take video notes), and then go from there. Good ride? Document it as a Training Route Bad ride? Toss it.

And lastly … we really suggest doing a few Training Route write ups before taking on a 5 Star project.

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