Share with Integrity

At Dirty Freehub, our goal is to share high quality bike rides that are well documented. We love cycling and we love sharing what we have found!

However, creating and documenting a route takes significant time and effort – from several hours to tens of hours. Thus, in sharing our routes we ask that you give credit back to Dirty Freehub.

Copying a Route

Specifically, if you copy a Dirty Freehub route within RidewithGPS to your personal account, we ask that you keep the following within the summary statement of the route:

“A majority of the content within this route (route course, elevation profile, customized cue sheet, and color mapping) was created by Dirty Freehub. More routes like this can be found at”

Instead of copying a route directly to your RidewithGPS account we encourage you to pin the route instead of a direct copy.

Pinning a Route

When you pin a route, you create a link back to the original route. Thus, when we update a route, the pinned route in your RidewithGPS account is also updated. We update routes for several reasons: road changes, errors in the cue sheet or color coding, or to add a “cool” feature. Thus, when you pin a route , you always have access to the latest and most up to date information with no action on your part.

Pinning a route does not make sense when you want to modify a route. For example, when you want to shorten the route or change the starting point. We would still like credit for the work we have done, even if you modify our routes. But at a certain point in modification … the route becomes an original by you.  This is usually at the point of modification in excess of 50%.

Why Credit is Important to Us

This is important to us for several reason: (a) it acknowledges our work (b) more importantly, it helps with our on-line presence. More people visit site ==> more clicks ==> we rank higher in the search engines and we have more access to grants and such to continue or work (without advertisement).

What we pay for at Dirty Freehub:

  • Site hosting
  • Backup storage
  • Custom WordPress themes (desktop and mobile)
  • Picture optimization and slideshow tools
  • SEO tools
  • Messaging tools
  • Mapping tools

The Work in Creating and Documenting a Route

What do we do with routes:

  • build the route according to our 5 Star standards
  • develop and ride the route
  • color code the map by surface types
  • verify and update cue sheet and add customized cues
  • verify vertical gain information
  • document the route with a detailed description and pictures
  • market routes via social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • and maintain a comprehensive website with emphasis on speed, mobile usage, and an excellent user experience