Dirty Freehub Bike Kits!

11 Sep

After a long design process Dirty Freehub has full bike kits for sale. Jerseys, shorts, wind vests and wind jackets. We have worked with two different vendors, and thus have two different designs.   The Dirty Design Vendor: Ascend Sportswear Colors: Black / Gray / Yellow I really like the … Read More »

Free Ride!

11 Aug

If you want download our courses onto your device (Garmin, phone, etc.) then RidewGPS requires you to have a premium account. But thanks to Webcyclery and (KevinG), who sponsored this, you now can download them for FREE! Step 1: Become a Dirty Freehub Club member. Click here. Then select “Apply to Join”. … Read More »

Gravel 201 Summary: Bikes, Tires & Gearing

13 Jun

The Gravel 201 Seminar was a huge success. We had over 30 people attend! Below is a summary of what we learned that evening.   The Panelists: Bart Bowen of Bowen Sports Performance He raced professional from 1990 to 2000. He was most notably the National Road Champion in 1992 … Read More »

In Australia Wishing for Our Gravel Bikes

27 Nov

Team Dirty Freehub is in the town of 1770 / Agnes Water, Australia. We brought our travel road bikes, but we are wishing for so much more! Especially after riding our bikes on gravel roads yesterday and suffering two flats in a mere 100 yards! This is our 3rd trip … Read More »

October 2017 Update

5 Oct

At the Dirty Freehub headquarters, we have been busy!! Here are some of the things we have been working on: A new mapping feature that gives you an overview of where the rides are. So far, we have only implemented the feature on the Adventure Rides | Oregon page.   … Read More »

Tires & Wheels – Some Art, Some Science

28 Sep

Tires / Wheels is one of the keys to a good adventure / gravel ride. On each of my adventure / gravel bikes I run a tubeless wheel set up with Stan’s or Orange Seal inside the tire.  Why tubeless? I can run lower pressures ==> softer ride without the … Read More »