My Bay of Fires

30 Nov
Bike rider climbing gravel road hill in forest.

I can hear birds chirping, sunset is coming soon. I’m trying to find the energy to go take a shower but my legs are burning from today’s ride. I’m laughing about Kevin (Captain “O”) .. twice on our trip in Tasmania we’ve run into a gate with signs that change … Read More »

Dirty Freehub Bike Kits!

11 Sep

After a long design process Dirty Freehub has full bike kits for sale. Jerseys, shorts, wind vests and wind jackets. We have worked with two different vendors, and thus have two different designs.   The Dirty Design Vendor: Ascend Sportswear Colors: Black / Gray / Yellow I really like the … Read More »

Recap of Gravel 301: Mapping and Navigating Gravel

26 Jun

Wow! What a great turnout last Tuesday evening at WebCyclery for the last of our 3 seminars this spring: “Gravel 301: Mapping and Navigating Gravel”. The focus of last evening was: How to find a gravel route to ride. Downloading a route to the RideWithGPS phone app. Following a route … Read More »

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

21 Dec

More from Western Australia by Gravel Girl. To tell you the story of this adventure seems to be my norm. It started when Kevin said it would be easy. “Two hours, maybe less. A rails to trails bike ride. 1,500 feet of gain in 25 miles. Starting and ending in … Read More »

In Australia Wishing for Our Gravel Bikes

27 Nov

Team Dirty Freehub is in the town of 1770 / Agnes Water, Australia. We brought our travel road bikes, but we are wishing for so much more! Especially after riding our bikes on gravel roads yesterday and suffering two flats in a mere 100 yards! This is our 3rd trip … Read More »

Montana Gravel – North Fork of Flathead River

4 Mar

The Dirty Freehub gang wandered upon this gravel route while on a winter / spring skiing trip in Whitefish, Montana. It looks fantastic to us …. off the beaten track, great scenery, a rolling course with some pavement, and a food and water stop at the half way point. Ride details: … Read More »

Post Gravel — so much, so good!

2 Sep

One of the unknown gems in adventure riding is a rectangular section of the Ochoco National Forest just southeast of Post, OR. The town of Post is the geographic center of Oregon. This section of the Ochoco National Forest (that I will refer to as the Ochoco Rectangle ) is … Read More »