Capstone Projects …

In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, we looked at ways that we could give back. One area that interests us and that we are passionate about is education. In the summer of 2020 we started working with college students to provide them with internships on a real world project. Specifically, Gravel Girl was interested in how to support and promote women in business.

“I’ve learned as much as they have,” commented Gravel Girl about her experience with working with interns, “and they always inspire me.”

All internships worked remote due to COVID. The internships have included the following projects:

Overall marketing strategy for Dirty Freehub. How to drive demand for cyclists using our routes. Hailey Davis. Hailey lead us to rethink how we market Dirty Freehub, specifically in adding entry level routes near cities as a way for people to get to know us. Hailey also facilitated a webinar with Alison Tetrick on women’t cycling.

Instagram as a Marketing Tool. How to best utilize Instagram as a marketing tool. Kelsey Norby. Kelsey analyzed how we were using Instagram. Specifically she lead us to rethink the photos and tagging strategies that we use.

YouTube as Marketing Channel. Should we build a YouTube Channel or use YouTube as a marketing tool. Amanda Bearden. Dirty Freehub has only used YouTube as place to store videos, but with Amanda’s quantitative and qualitative research project, we are starting to rethink how we leverage other YouTube channels and possibly build our own. Here’s her Strategy Document and final Zoom Presentation.

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