Walla Walla GRIT

Development Route / by Captain ‘O’

“Walla Walla is famous for its renowned road riding, but the locals have been venturing into the Blue Mountains for years to get their fix of first class gravel roads. All three courses stay together for the first 24 miles, which includes the iconic (and challenging) Cottonwood Creek climb.”

All three courses have steep sections some might walk up without proper gearing. Courses are designed for experienced cyclists and are not for the faint of heart! Both the Short and Medium Courses are roughest on the climbs and have relatively smooth gravel on the descents. 700×32 is the narrowest we would go, but a 40mm tire might just be perfect. 

Long Course. We think 50mm is the right tire choice. Mile 45 to mile 82 is rough and the Tiger Canyon descent has legit pinch flat material (both washboard and big-ish rocks), plus this is definitely goat-head territory. A tubeless wheel / tire set up is highly recommended.”

The Dirty Freehub team has not ridden any of these courses, but is looking forward to doing so. They have our interest!

Courses by: Alegro Cyclery
The Start: Mill Creek Sportsplex
Lat / Long: 46.072633, -118.289541


Lollipop: 44 miles / 3500 ft gain
Surface: ~ 40 % gravel, 60% paved
Difficulty: Moderate
Cue Sheet / GPX file / TCX file


Lollipop: 64 miles / 5900 ft gain
Surface: ~ 50 % gravel, 50% paved
Difficulty: Advanced
Cue Sheet / GPX file / TCX file


Loop: 94 miles / 9800 ft gain /
Surface: ~ 67 % gravel, 33% paved
Difficulty: Advanced
Cue Sheet / GPX file / TCX file

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