Washington Gravel

Here you will find some of the best gravel and mixed gravel rides in Washington State. Blue pins link out to “5 Star” routes, red pins link out to an index of “Training Routes“.

Below the map, is a alphabetical listing of all routes and a short route summary of each ride with a clickable link to more detailed information. Search is also available via our database page.

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Panther Creek

The Panther is just one cool cat … and so is this ride which includes meandering along and past Panther Creek, Panther Creek Falls, a whole lot of lush forest including the Wind River Experimental Forest and … a stop along the Pacific Crest Trail.
Loop: 21 miles / 2600 feet
Surface:  ~ 22.5% gravel road, 78.5% tarmac
Difficulty: Easier+
Where: ~ 40 min from Hood River, OR / ~ 1 hour, 10 min from Portland, OR

Sleeping Beauty

You will need mind altering drugs or a tremendous vision to think the rock formation on this ride looks like sleeping beauty, but this ride is still very much a fairytale …
Loop: 34 miles / 3000 feet
Surface:  ~ 40% gravel road, 60% tarmac
Difficulty: Moderate
Where: ~ 35 min north of Hood River, OR / Trout Lake, WA