Wattle & Water

Don’t you love it when you set out for an adventure that you are thinking will be just ok and then it turns out to be awesome? That’s Wattle and Water. A wonderful mixture of paved and gravel roads, along with the triple Fs … farms, forests and fantastic water views.  And yes, we think it’s super fun to have cows and sheep on one side of a gravel road with bay views on the other.  Oh, and glori-o-sky, there’s even a water stop ….. and look at that elevation profile: the course has a flat section.  Such a rare treat in Tassie land.  (Now, we didn’t say the route was flat.)

The first half of the route is a series of rollers and small hills through farms and forest. Nothing terribly steep, nothing terribly long. But really fun. At mile 6 you roll past Wattle Hill, which is just a collection of houses amongst smaller farms. At mile 21 you get the first views of Marion bay and Forestier Peninsula. The gravel descent to the bay is oh, so fun … and it continue to give peak-a-boo water views. 

From here, you follow along the quiet roads of Boomer Bay / Blackman Bay and after ~ 4 miles (7 Km) merge onto A9. A9 quickly crosses a bridge into the town of Dunalley (plenty of places to grab water, fish n chips, etc). Continue along the coast to the Carlton River, make a right turn and begin a sustained climb with big views of the coast off your right shoulder. Read More

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Loop : 48 miles (77 Km) / 4800 ft gain (1463 meters)
– Mixed route: ~ 65% gravel
– Location: ~ Hobart, Tasmania
– Rideable: All year
– Route Author: Ben Stokes of Hobart, Tasmania
– Published: January 2019


Moderate. The climbs and descents are all very moderate, but the elevation gain adds up over time.

The Start

The town of Forcett. Park on the shoulder of C333 / Delmore road.

Food / Water

The town of Dunalley, mile 32.


Cue Sheet / GPX FileTCX File


Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road

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