Maria Island

Maria island is a must do gravel ride if you are in Tasmania. It is a fantasy island of fun riding, big views and history. And there are no cars on the island!

The route includes both easy riding roads that bring out bike-renting tourists and more challenging tracks that include a forested single track section, two steep grassy climbs along the coast, and the Inland Trek that requires a little sense of humor.

Now if you get out a map and think you are headed to the south part of the island, across the skinny isthmus dirt road, we hope you brought a fat bike or you don’t mind pushing your bike for a good long distance. We didn’t make it across; after a half mile of pretending it was a good idea, we cried “uncle” and turned around.

We also briefly thought we were headed up Mt Maria, which is a trekking route that doesn’t allow bikes. Honestly, the Inland Trek was ample abuse so the “no bikes” sign wasn’t much of a disappointment. Read More

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Loops with Legs : 22 miles (35 Km) / 1900 ft gain (560 meters)
– Gravel: ~ 100 % with a short section of wide single track
– Location: ~ Hobart, Tasmania
– Rideable: All year
– Route Author: Captain “O”
– Published: January 2019


Moderate. Due to several short steep pitches in excess of 15%, some sand, and some fister / baby head terrain.

The Start

Triabunna ferry terminal.

Food / Water



Cue Sheet / GPX FileTCX File


Red = paved road
Blue = single-track
Brown = gravel / dirt road

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