Hobart Training Routes

Here you will find gravel routes near Hobart, Tasmania that do not meet our 5 Star criteria (but are still really fun to ride) or have not been fully investigated by us. Many of the routes on this page have been contributed by local Tasmanian riders.

The descriptions are brief, the mapping detail is less and the route accuracy is not guaranteed.  Please leave us a comment regarding the route you did and what you thought.  Thanks!

Map Legend

Black = unknown / undocumented surface type
Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road
Blue = single track
Purple = paved bike path / roubaix

Bruny Island

This focus of this route is coastal riding and big views! It is an extension of the Bruny Island (North) route, but in the opposite direction. It includes a leg to Bruny Island (south) and Adventure Bay.

The route is significantly more road than gravel, but you will still want gravel tires for the gravel sector on South Bruny Island. We recommend avoiding this route during “silly season” and busy weekends. There is food available at Adventure Bay. By Captain “O”.

Dumbell: 68 miles (109 Km) / 5500 ft (1676 meters) gain / ~ 35 % gravel
Difficulty: Advanced
The Start: Kettering ferry terminal. Parking is available on the shoulder of Ferry road, just to the south of the terminal.
GPX file / TCX file

Hobart Loop

A go to loop for those living in the City. A gravel climb. Nice riding along the water front. And … a zippy descent. By Captain “O”.

Loop: 20 miles (32 Km) / 2200 ft (671 meters) gain / ~ 10% gravel
Difficulty: Easier
The Start: Long Beach parking area
GPX file / TCX file

Kangaroo Bay (Figure 8)

A more intense version of the original Kangaroo Bay route, but still with great water views. By Captain “O”.

Figure “8”: 26 miles (42 Km) / 2900 ft (884 meters) gain / ~ 55% gravel
Difficulty: Moderate
The Start: Cygnet. Just after turning onto C639 there is a dirt parking lot on the south side of the road for access to Burtons Reserve.
GPX file / TCX file

Oatlands Circuit (Long)

This is an extended version of the Oatlands Circuit route. We have not ridden mile 28 to 50, but if they are as good as the rest of this circuit, this could be a 5 Star route. By Captain “O”.

Loop: 52 miles (xx Km) / 3500 ft (xx meters) gain / ~ 75% gravel
Difficulty: Moderate
The Start: Dirt parking area at the intersection of C310 & C312
GPX file / TCX file

Table Mountain Circuit

This is a route that we mapped, had some local intel on and investigated some, but we set wheel on less than 10% of the route. Feedback would be much appreciated. By Captain “O”.

Loop: 71 miles (xx Km) / 4800 ft (xx meters) gain / ~ 70% gravel
Difficulty: Advanced
The Start: Oatlands
GPX file / TCX file

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