Bruny Island (South)

This route rides like a Bruce Springsteen song: rough, course and gritty. There is gnarly eyeball and fister gravel, sometimes loose, sometimes embedded like cobblestone. The climbs are steep and demanding. You ride deep into the forest.

The Details:
The route starts with a paved and flat spin out of Truganini Lookout / Bruny Neck Lookout for 4.5 miles (7 Km’s). Turn left onto the gravel road, it starts out inglorious but soon brings you into the forest with a small test of a first climb. Continue on for a bit until the right turn to Mt. Mangana where the real climbing begins. This climb averages over 10.5% for 1250 feet (381 meters). The descent is equally demanding and provides several glimpses of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel in the far distance.

Turn left and roll along the two Clemetts roads until you hit the sign to “Adventure Bay 17 Km”. This is the crux of the ride. The road is narrow, the gravel is loose, and at times steep (hike a bike steep for Gravel Girl). Near the summit, the road flattens and widens. Read More

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Lollipop : 38 miles (61 Km) / 4800 ft gain (1463 meters)
– Mixed: ~ 65% gravel
– Location: ~ Hobart, Tasmania
– Rideable: All year. Avoid if it is very wet.
– Route Author: Captain “O”
– Published: December 2018


Advanced. Due to two sustained climbs and a primitive section of gravel road for 3 miles (5 Km’s).

The Start

Truganini Lookout / Bruny Neck Lookout parking lot. Pit toilets.

Food / Water

Adventure Bay


Cue Sheet / GPX FileTCX File


Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road

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