Sherman’s March

5 Star Route

The real name of this route is “Sherman’s March to the See” because there’s a whole lot to see in the Camp Sherman area including the Head of the Metolius River, base of Black Butte, shores of Round Lake, 2003 B&B Complex Fire, Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery, Metolius River, and the town of Camp Sherman. It’s mind-blowing just how many things are packed into one bike ride.

The details: First up, a quick section of gravel and easy singletrack followed by a stop at the Head of the Metolius. Then a moderate climb along the north shoulder of Black Butte followed by a ripping gravel descent to the paved road that leads south back towards Camp Sherman. At the U-turn, the route meanders briefly along the Metolius river and then crossing it, followed by a short section of gravel and a fun 3-mile section of single-track, slightly uphill. Climb up to Round Lake to enjoy the vast views of all the surrounding mountains. Then descend back down (ok this bit is always a little bumpy!). Then you can feel like a “hero” on the pavement and then begin the climb through the B&B Complex fire area along the southwest side of Mt. Jefferson. Descend, cross the Metolius River at Lower Bridge and then onto the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery (which is well worth a stop), followed by rolling up on pavement back to Camp Sherman.

Note: You can easily shorten the route by eliminating:

  • The shoulder of Black Butte, delete 11.5 miles and 1050 feet of gain.
  • Round Lake, delete 11 miles and 1150 feet of gain.
  • The B&B Complex Fire, delete 4 miles and 500 feet of gain. At mile 32 continue north on NF 12. (Map. GPS file.)

This route rides great (!) in the spring/early summer when the “washboard” is a minimum, the peaks are snow-capped, and the flowers are in bloom. The fall colors can also be outstanding. If possible, do the ride midweek and not on a summer holiday weekend.

To avoid navigation / GPS confusion, the map shows the route ending a mile before the Camp Sherman store. To get back to the start, continue south on along the river for an additional mile.

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Loop: 40 miles / 3100 ft gain
– Surface: ~ 60% gravel, 7.5% single track, 32.5% paved
– Location: Camp Sherman, OR
– Date Published: October 2014 (updated July 2020)


Moderate. Rating based on the length, elevation gain, and the moderately technical demand of Round Lake.

The Start

Camp Sherman, at the country store.

Food / Water

Wizard Falls fish hatchery, ~ mile 35.


GPX File / TCX File


Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road
Blue = single track

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