The information below is accurate, but we are still in the process of finalizing the pictures and write up.

Wild! Rugged! Remote! In our opinion, this is one of the best Oregon outback rides in the state. This is a route we have been researching since early 2017 when we first published Ghost of Ashwood and Donnybrook.

Wild. On our first ride of this route we saw antelope, coyotes, deer, hawks and snakes.

Rugged. From the Washington Family ranch (mile 20) to the intersection of Gosner and Divide roads (mile 44), the roads can be rutted and course and take you through several steam crossings. This 24 mile section is the most demanding of the day.

Remote. There is virtually no cell phone coverage along the route. Be prepared to handle mechanical problems and route finding issues without outside assistance. This is a route where we highly recommend a personal locator device like a Garmin InReach or a SPOT device.

The route traverses past the old Rajnesheepuram community , which has been rebuilt into the Washington Family ranch. Netflix produced a critically acclaimed series on the Rajneesh compound. More history on the ranch can also be found here.

The Washington Family ranch is private and not open to the public. We ask that you please respect private property rights and remain on the public roads outlined in the route. We have verified this information via the Gaia private / public map overlay and the Waco County on-line map tool.

The route also goes past Horse Heaven, an old mining town and now a ghost town.

The route is exposed to wind and sun. Be prepared. You will be well served by 40 mm tires or larger and tubeless!Do not wander far off the trail due to the “goat heads”.

The OMTM team has a great write up of their adventures on this route. The route documented here is in the opposite direction of what they rode. The pictures above are also in the opposite direction of what is documented in the map below.

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Loop: 60 miles / 6500+ ft gain
– Surface: ~ 16% paved, 84% gravel/dirt roads
– Location: Antelope, Oregon
– Rideable: Spring and Fall
– Route Author: OMTM
– Published: May 2019


Advanced. Due to distance, elevation gain, some rutted roads, and 3 stream crossings.

The Start

In the town of Antelope. Park across from Grandma’s cafe.

Food / Water



Cue Sheet / GPX FileTCX File


Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road

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