The Pyramids

5 Star Route

You haven’t heard of the great Pyramids of Oregon? We really have it all . . . . this ride takes you to see the Three Pyramids mountains.

On this ride Mother Nature showcases one continuous, amazing garden. You start in old growth forest lined with ferns and gigantic ponderosa pines, climb up to open logging areas with fields of daisies, and then climb more into wild rhododendrons, bear grass, and wild strawberries. Eventually you meet up with the single-track hiking trail (this is only a mile, see video) which slices deep into the forest with lush ground cover.  Then you pop onto lovely gravel roads, and then a decommissioned logging road (which is not an easy go, but super fun.)  Then suddenly you find yourself on a super sweet paved road that lets you bomb back to the car. (Spoiler alert, the last mile or so climbs, but it’s an easy climb.)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that you play peakaboo with the various local mountains (the snowy, inspiring kind).

Now let me offer you one major warning: we are constantly telling people to learn navigation. This is not the place to venture unless you are 100% sure of your navigation skills AND you bring a back up navigation device. We saw zero cars (and people!) the entire ride… on a weekend… and there is nothing short of a million little roads that will have you headed in the wrong direction. This area is one gigantic maze!

And let me offer you warning number two: this is not an easy ride. Some of the gravel is rough and the hiking trail takes skill to master. So I know you advanced riders will roll your eyes and think that 22 miles is no big deal. A few strong riders averaged out 10-11 mph.

Miles 12 to 14 has some tree fall. Bring your hand saw and help out. Thanks!!

Adventure / Gravel Route
– Loop : 22 miles / 2200 ft gain
– Style: Mixed (2 gravel sectors, 16 miles total / 1 single-track sector, 1 mile)
– Location: ~ 35 min west of Sisters, OR
– Best ridden: Spring through Fall
– Course by: Captain “O”
– Date Posted: July 2018 (updated August 2018)

Advanced. Due to the several short, steep, rocky pitches, a mile of single track and a section of decommissioned road.

The Start
Lava Lake sno-park on Highway 20. North side of road. Pit toilets.  (30 miles west of Sisters).  

Food / Water

Cue Sheet / TCX File

Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road / double-track
Blue = single-track

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