Into the Horn

If you hear the Call of the Wild whispering your name, this is your route. A good balance of adventure, big views, beautiful red ponderosas and a 50/50 mix of hard pack gravel and primitive forest service roads. Few rides take you to such a remote area.

Most of the ride is a series of rollers. Nothing too crazy steep, but it just keeps challenging you. The first half of the ride is on smaller roads … a few rocky, some shale, and a smattering of baby heads. Now just stop your windging because none of them last that long … just pause and enjoy the beauty.

The second half of the ride is on wide, hard-packed gravel roads. We hit some washboard but nothing that you can’t sneak around if you are paying attention.Read More

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Loop : 43 miles / 3500 ft gain
– Gravel route: ~ 50 / 50 split between primitive Forest Service roads and hard pack gravel roads
– Location: ~ Sistes, Oregon
– Rideable: Spring thru fall. Summer can be hot and dusty and with some vehicles on the hard packed gravel.
– Route Author: Captain “O”
– Published: October 2018


Advanced. Due to (a) the remote location of the ride (i.e. no cell phone coverage), (b) the primitive Forest Service roads with some technical features and (c) the maze of roads in the area requiring excellent navigation skills.

The Start

At the end of the paved section of NF-11, ~ 10.5 miles north of Highway 20.

Food / Water



Cue Sheet / GPX FileTCX File


Brown = gravel / dirt road

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2 thoughts on “Into the Horn

  1. This is a great route, and as Kevin mentions, 40c tires is the minimum I’d want to have for this ride. Tubeless is also highly recommended. There were more than enough sections that made me glad I was on 650b x 2.1 tires on my gravel bike vs the 700c x 40’s. This ride would also be very well suited to a Hardtail MTB. There’s a couple steep descents but nothing very steep for climbing. The scenery out there is really awesome.

  2. Much easier than Horn of the Metolius. Couple of harder technical sections that didn’t last long. Sweeping views of Billy Chinook. Saw two parked cars on the whole ride!

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