Horn of the Metolius

Some people like to hang out at art museums. They fly to Paris and spend the day admiring art at the Louve. We like to head to Camp Sherman to spend the day admiring rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, big open vistas, and … to explore the Wild and Scenic section of the Metolius River.

This ride starts at the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery, a lovely place to visit the fish and the Metolius River. (We recommend you go look at the fish before the ride, because you are going to be exhausted at the end.)

First, you head north, up the paved road for a few miles … then hit the red cinder dirt where you start a moderate, but consistent climb. You climb for the next 5 miles with views of  Mt Jefferson. to the west. Once you crest the hill, you turn into the “Horn” —  the portion of land wrapped in an upside down U shape by the river. In the “Horn” you roll through lovely forests … with expanding views of lake Billy Chinook in the distance. Read More

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Loop : 53 miles / 4500 ft gain
– Style: Mixed (2 gravel sectors, 42 miles total, 1 single track sector, 6 miles)
– Location: ~ Camp Sherman, OR
– Best ridden: Summer through Fall (The route is closed December 15 to May 15 for eagle nesting).
– Route Author: Captain “O”
– Date Posted: October 2018


Advanced. There is a significant climb of 1700 feet in 5 miles, sections of the gravel can be technical, 3 miles of single track with some hike a bike (for most riders) and it is remote (i.e no cell phone reception).

The Start

Wizard Falls fish hatchery.

Food / Water

Water: At Perry South campground (May – September), mile 29. Otherwise filter from the Metolius river at ~ mile 39


Cue Sheet / GPX File /  TCX File


Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road
Blue = single-track

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4 thoughts on “Horn of the Metolius

  1. We’re planning to do this route over the weekend, so excited! According to Google, it looks like there’s potable water at the Perry South campground around mile 30, maybe a good place to refill, do you know?

  2. The fall colors through our ride on October 13th were great, but especially in the last 12 miles as the route stays close to the Metoulius river. April and I surprised a group of 4 bald eagles perched just above the river looking for Kokonee. Highly recommend this ride.

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