This is a Training Route: a good local ride, but not a 5 Star destination ride.

A quick and relatively easy ride just west of Bend with a cool little bit of single-track that is rarely ridden. We use this route on days when we are looking for something close to home and just want to relax. There are one, maybe two, popper hills … but nothing more.

We (Gravel Girl and Captain O) have ridden this route many times. We have classified it as a Training Route in that it uses many elements of other routes and that it lacks some of the better “gobsmacking” views that Bend is known for.

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Loop: 19 miles / 1200 ft gain
– Surface: ~ 70% gravel, 5% single track, 5% paved bike path, 20% paved road
eBike Friendly: No
– Location: Bend, OR
– Published: June 2018



The Start

Compass park, Northwest Crossing
Lat / Long: 44.059480, -121.351831


Wahoo / Garmin Direct Download
Cue Sheet / GPX file / TCX file


Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road
Blue = single track
Purple = paved bike path / roubaix

For help with GPS files, the RideWithGPs mapping app and to learn how to download our routes for free, see the “Using Our Rides” page.

Ridden and Reviewed by …

Gravel Girl / Team Dirty Freehub

She loves a good day of gravel like most people like a good book. She’s always amused by the outdoors and the wild adventures. Gravel Girl is a Co-Founder of Dirty Freehub.

Captain O / Team Dirty Freehub

He should have “Never Stop Exploring” tattooed on his chest! He loves adventures on bikes and is a Co-Founder of Dirty Freehub.

  • Kevin / Co-Founder @ Dirty Freehub says:

    We verified the route today with tires on the ground. The map version on Dirty Freehub is now up to date (with updated cue sheet) and the trails we used are available to bikes all year round.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your route includes “Bills Trail”. Please do not ride any portion of Bills Trail – biking is explicitly NOT allowed. Just continue on Western Larch to NF road 4606

    • Kevin / Co-Founder @ Dirty Freehub says:

      Thanks for your input! The route that was posted on-line was prior to any signage in the area. This issue just came to our attention a day ago. Literally! We have re-routed it on-line (the best we could via satellite photography and other map sources) to use the suggestion you detail (thanks!). In the next several days we will verify the re-route with tires on the ground and adjust the on-line map.

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