Map Demo For Partners

The purpose of this page is to provide a “live” demo of how Dirty Freehub can work in partnership with visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce and bike shops. For an interesting take on gravel cycling, have a listen to this NPR article.

The goal of this mapping technology is to provide a high-level overview of the gravel routes within a particular area (ex: Maupin) that can be highlighted from your local web page (ex: Maupin Tourism). To better understand the significance of this, compare the below concept to our Oregon Gravel page where the focus is on routes throughout the state.

Below (under the divider line) you will find a “live” example page that is fully functioning that has been designed exclusively for the City of Maupin. We created the map such that it is centered on Maupin and “zoomed in” to show the routes near Maupin.

In the top left of the map, there is a filter drop down box. The user can show all routes, “5 Star” routes or “Training” routes.

Benefits of this approach.

  • One time web set up with no future code maintenance.
  • Each time we (Dirty Freehub) add a new route to the Maupin area, or modify an existing route, it will show up automatically in the map.
  • No cost to develop this technology or to maintain this technology.

Cycle Maupin

Road Cycling

The Oregon Scenic Bikeways are the best paved bike routes in the state as designated by the Oregon State Parks Department. These cycling routes combine beautiful natural and man-made scenery, tranquil sounds and smells, and light vehicle traffic. Each ride has printable maps, GPS, and on-road signage, and has an assigned difficulty rating (mild, moderate, challenging, or extreme). 

Maupin’s Sherars Falls Scenic Bikeway is a 33-mile loop takes riders along the stunning Lower Deschutes River though the golden hills of the high desert. The best times to ride include spring, autumn, and even some winter days.  

View the route on Ride with GPS  

Gravel Cycling

If you’re looking for gravel routes, the Dirty Freehub Team has you covered. They have documented a number of gravel and mixed gravel rides in the area.

They also have several new routes in the works including “Dufur & Friend” and “By The Numbers”.

Blue pins link out to “5 Star” routes, red pins link out to “Training Routes“. Yellow clusters represent multiple routes starting in the same area. Click on a pin or cluster to get more information on an route.

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