5 Star Route

Dandelions are flowers often called weeds, but in the wild they are impressive survivors. Sort of like this ride: a sweet ride that starts in the town of Fossil and winds through farmland and harsh central Oregon desert. Beautiful and yet hardy. And loaded with flowers.

The route has two impressive climbs, followed by two impressive descents. So there’s a lot of bang for the buck on this twenty miler.   

Spoiler alert: The first climb will kick up to 11% …. and the second is a long seven percent-er. So it’s not a long route or a rough one, but you did say you needed a good shake out after that drive to Fossil?

The tiny town of Fossil is a destination in itself. The main grocery store has quite the impressive dead animal and quilt display, all mixed in with the milk, eggs and beer. It’s next to the gas station and post office, which is about the extent of the town. There’s a sign for Wheeler County Medical Center but we try to stay away from those places.  And Fossil has the ONE and ONLY public fossil field which is located behind Wheeler High School.  

We loved touring the local cattle farms, the road slices through the middle of several farms. Plus the quality of the gravel, lack of traffic, and sweeping views, all make it a great ride. Toss in the tour of Fossil and you’ve got a full day of fun.

**Adventure / Gravel Route
– Loop : 22 miles / 2400 ft gain
– Style: Mixed (1 gravel sector, 9.3 miles total)[tooltip tip=”For more detailed sector info, click on View Full Version on map (below).”]**[/tooltip]
– Location: Fossil, OR
– Best ridden: Spring
– Course by: Captain “O”
– Date Posted: May 2018

Advanced Beginner. Due to a short section of steep up / down (11% grade) and a 3.5 mile long climb at 7 % grade.

**The Start
At the Fossil Mercantile store, at 555 Main Street.

**Food / Water

**Garmin TCX Course File
Click to download.

Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road 

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