7 Mile Hill

5 Star Route / Ridden and Reviewed by Gravel Girl & Captain ‘O

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Hood River is typically a place known for worshipping crazy water sports such as kite boarding and wind surfing, but the cycling is no second fiddle.

This ride is combination of tourist bike trails with amazing views of the river, quiet farm roads that slice through fruit orchards, views of Mt Hood, super fun curvy downhills, and an unforgiving climb that pops straight up 1600+ feet.

This route starts in town and then winds up to the Historic Columbia River Highway (Route 30), which has gobstopping views of the Columbia Gorge …. take the extra min to turn out to the viewpoints. The route includes a tunnel perfect for cyclists.

Look out for the walkers with dogs and kids on banana seat bikes, which is all code for “slow the heck down.”

At just past mile 6 you come to Mosier which is a touristy place hidden among the fruit orchards. Then climb 750 feet up to a sign that says viewpoint which is well with the short detour to enjoy another view of the Colombia River and to salivate over the upcoming Rowena curves, a lovely downhill that will leave you with a shit eating grin.

Now enjoy the curves …

When you reach the Dalles, check your water .. and wipe off that grin at the gas station because soon enough you are on a road called “7 Mile Hill Road” … it’s a treeless road that switches up and up and up again. (We were on this road when it was 99.9 degrees which is a tremendous way to drop five pounds.). E-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y you will see the iconic Mt Hood … and then the top.

Now before you think we forgot to include gravel on this ride, you crest the top and then take a left onto Dry Creek Road. It’s a wide gravel road with lovely views of the surrounding valleys. It takes you straight back down to Mosier where you hop back on the Historic Highway 30.

From Mosier to the tunnel is called the forgotten climb — on the way out you were so distracted by lovely views you didn’t quite notice that descent. After the climb, you roll along … until you are rewarded for all your efforts with sweeping downhill turns that pop you back into Hood River.

After all that fun on the bike, you might just head down to the riverfront to see all those crazy water sports.

Be advised if it is a windy day, the course rides better in the opposite direction. It is much easier to descend 7-mile hill in the wind than to climb it in the wind. 

Adventure / Gravel Route

– Lollipop : 41 miles / 3600 ft gain
– Surface: ~ 7% gravel, 93% paved
– eBikes Allowed: Yes
– Location: Hood River, OR
– Rideable: all year
– Course by: Captain “O”
– Date Posted: August 2018 (updated August 2019)


Intermediate. A great entry level intermediate ride, not too long, not too steep, not too technical.

The Start

The Park and Ride at junction of Highway 35 and Old Highway 30.
Lat / Long: 45.707240, -121.502312

Food / Water

Mosier General Store (mile 6.5 and 34.5) and The Dalles (mile 21)


Cue Sheet / TCX File


Red = paved road
Brown = gravel / dirt road

For help with Ride, GPS files, etc see the “Help with …” page.

  • Andrew Murray says:

    We rode this route again over the weekend but this time in the reverse or Counter Clockwise direction that had us descending 7 Mile Hill Road and climbing to Rowena Crest. No question, that’s a better direction. 7 Mile Hill Road is an absolute blast to descend, fast and curvy and amazing views of the Columbia River. Climbing to Rowena Crest is also nice and feels like a mini French Alps climb, with a great view payoff at the top. The 3 mile gravel section of this ride is pretty smooth and doable on road tires with only a few sections of washboard that was easily avoided by looking for smooth line.

  • Andrew Murray says:

    This really is a beautiful ride. A couple things to be aware of. The ride creator is correct that when it’s windy the big name sake 7 Mile climb is tough. But I’m not sure Hood River, The Dalles and surrounding areas are ever not windy. That said, I think reverse coarse on this rout, as suggested, makes a lot of sense and should mitigate the wind challenge. Starting early should also help. We rolled out from the Park and Ride at 8:45am and it was already breezy.

    Also, this is a ride that could easily done on a road bike with 28c slicks. The only part that isn’t paved is but a few miles long, gently sloped and well graded and packed. And you absolutely must stop at the Rowena Overlook that is on a high plateau between Mosier and The Dalles.

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