Gravel by Others

Below is a list of gravel / adventure resources that we use as starting points in our search for “really, really good” routes. We take no credit for the routes below, nor do we provide any guarantee of the quality of the routes. Explore!


Ride Oregon Ride –> Travel Oregon / Oregon / A listing of gravel/adventure rides by the state of Oregon travel division.

* has a great list of loonnngggg routes that can be used as an entry point to make single day routes from.

* “Bikepacking Remote Eastern Oregon” / Mitchell, Oregon /  Three, possible day gravel routes, in eastern Oregon.

* The Gorge Backcountry route / Hood River, Oregon / A 300+ mile loop ride near Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. A good starting point for making day rides.

* Maury Mountain Loop  / Prineville, Oregon / This is a 3-day bikepacking route out of Prineville, but includes some interesting areas near Post, OR

* Oregon Coast Gravel Epics – the abomination routes by Mudslinger Events.

* Our Mother the Mountain – a set of well documented rides in the Hood River area.

* Sasquatch Duro – a racing route in Oakridge.


* Albert Wimer’s Strava listing / Arizona / A Strava listing of gravel rides in the area.


* The Dirty Roads / Steamboat, Colorado / Mapped gravel rides in the Colorado region. Mostly single day.