LindaE (aka: “Gravel Girl”)

Linda English (aka: Gravel Girl) is one of the co-founders of Dirty Freehub and leads our efforts in “cyclist engagement”.

Gravel Girl loves bikes and is often with Captain “O” (KevinE) on one of their crazy adventures. She just loves all the logging roads in Central Oregon, spinning along while rarely running into a single car and yet getting to gab with her pals while riding. Gravel Girl loves testing out routes, organizing rides through the BACE (Bend Area Cycling Enthusiasts) MeetUp group and snapping pictures.

Her favorite route is Bonanza … oh wait, that would be Moon Moss... oh wait, that would be Wolf Mountain Lookout … or Six Shooter.  Her favorite Arizona routes are Buenos Aires and Ruby North or Ruby South. And that doesn’t even include all the routes in Tasmania. She really can’t decide.  It’s usually whatever ride she did yesterday. But if she REALLY had to just pick one, it would be ….. hmmm.

Her gravel bike is a Niner RLTO on tubeless tires (Maxxis Rambler 40 mm, HED Ardennes aluminum wheels) for when the route has a lot of pavement and smoother roads. But for all gravel, exploration or single track, she rides a Salsa Cutthroat, also tubeless. (“Friends don’t let friends ride tubes). Her Cutthroat has DT 240 hubs, Nox Carbon rims, 23mm internally Schwalbe Thunderburt 2.1 inch wide Addix Casing. She loves Cush Core inserts to take out the chatter and she can ride out on a flat (which given we run into goat heads is important!)

For navigation Gravel Girls uses a Wahoo Element device to follow routes and an iPhone with the RidewGPS application. She loves the Wahoo Element device’s simplicity… nice to be able to see the route easily! She also carries an InReach Garmin device just in case something bad happens (Kevin carries on too so they can communicate with each other.) When she needs to reroute, she pulls up Gaia on her iphone.

Gravel Girl also loves to write about cycling. She has written Tasmania the Next Gravel Capital? and Secrets to Finding Gravel Routes for Gravel Cyclist and Adventures of Gravel Girl for Cycle Oregon Newsletter. And she wrote Top Ten Rides in Central Oregon, Bucket List of Oregon Gravel Rides, Gravel Cyclist and Basecamp: Maupin/Dufur, Help! How to Help Yourself Before You Crash on a Bike, and Secrets to Winter Riding in the The Source. And she wrote Borderline: Graveling Along the Border in Arizona for Gravel Cyclist.

She also helped with Four New Gravel Routes to Ride in Bend Living Magazine, Local Cyclists Share Their Love of Cycling in Bend Bulletin, and Photo Feature: The Gravel Roads of Oregon for Gravel Cyclist. And she helped with A Furry Ride: Alpaca Route in The Source, Bend Cyclists Say Gravel Routes Good for Social Distancing on KTZV, and Gravel Riding: A Good Option During the Pandemic in the Bend Bulletin. Also, she contributed to Gravel Bike Rides To Beat the Heat in the Bend Bulletin.

Her professional background outside of cycling is on LinkedIn.

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