AndrewM (aka: “MacGyver”)

AndrewM Dirty Freehub Ambassador. Andrew standing with his gravel bike.

Andrew is the newest member to the Dirty Freehub team. Andrew is in charge of Business Development and working with local bike shops, vendors and sponsors.

Andrew loves his bikes and where they take him. He enjoys riding and racing gravel and mountains, bike packing, bike touring as well as backpacking, skiing and playing guitar. Originally drawn to Bend several years years ago by the areas mountain biking trails, he’s discovered the unending amount of great gravel riding in this area to be his favorite. You’ll most likely spot him riding with his significantly tougher wife, “Flower Power” April.

Andrew is our MacGyver guy. He can repair it all in the field and he is our “go to guy” for all things tubeless. He does a “killer” seminar on tubeless tire technology and in field repairs.

What He Rides
Norco Carbon Search XR with 1×11 gearing, Redshift Shockstop stem, 40mm Maxis Rambler Tubeless tires (naturally) on Praxis carbon rims. 

What He Navigates With
Wahoo Bolt

His Favorite Route
Over the Rainbow

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