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Ride dirty and smile! We like that tagline and Route Ambassadors bring the smile. They map and develop routes. And they do a damn good job!


AlainV is our Canadian Route Ambassador out of Ontario. He has documented routes in Arizona and has his eyes on routes in Canada, Upper New York and Virginia.

He started riding bikes in 2014 and became instantly addicted. He’s taken up road, MTB, CX and now, gravel racing/riding, which consumes 80% of his available riding time. As a side project, he supports various local teams in the growth and development of cycling, most recently, in the establishment of local gravel races and rides. Riding his bike in low traffic remote areas is a top priority.

What He Rides
A Titanium No.22 Drifter (a local bike manufacturer who won best in show at the 2019 NAHBS) sporting a good old reliable Shimano Ultegra grouppo. Alain stays away from electronic drivetrains as old fashioned cables are easy to fix in a bind…and never need re-charging. The bike is mounted onto Woven Precision wheels, another local carbon wheel builder. “We are extremely lucky to have great quality manufacturers / builders right in our own backyard”. Those wheels are typically dressed up tubeless with anything 38mm or wider.  Currently, Panaracer Gravel Kings (slicks) are providing great comfort, low rolling resistance and incredible puncture protection.

His Favorite Route
Lanark Century. This route features 100 km of pristine Lanark County (a rural area roughly 50 miles from Ottawa, Ontario) roads, most which are gravel including some un-maintained roads. The gravel roads in the Lanark area are some of the best in Eastern Ontario.

Social Media
You can follow Alain on StravaInstagram and Facebook .  


BenG is our bikepacking expert. He has documented two great multi-day bikepacking routes: The Steens Mountain Tour loop in Central Oregon and The Tour of the Giants in northern California and southwest Oregon.

BenG started riding as a child in The Netherlands. He started touring with his brother as a young teen to visit the grandmas … riding all day … little did he know that was his first century.  Ben has made Central Oregon home for both work and play since 2000, dabbling in summer and winter sports that offer adventure. His favorite ride is the “The Oregon Outback”.

What He Rides
A Niner RLT9 Steel, with a super compact crank making for 32*48 up front and a 11*32 cassette. The stock wheel set is Stan’s Grails rims with Swalbe 40 mm tubeless tires at ~ 40 psi. He has a second Nox carbon wheelset for road rides, running Continental Gator Skins.


DennisK is a one of our Central Oregon Route Ambassadors. He also has extensive knowledge of Northern California and Arizona.

Some of the routes he has authored include Horse to Horse and Trade Wars.

DennisK gave up the “usual” road riding concept due to so many distracted drivers, but somehow is still riding roads. Dirt, that is! He likes rides that have some technical parts and surface changes. And he is one of the most fit 70+ year olds that you will find on a bike. He and Gravel Girl are great riding companions.

What He Rides
An all black Salsa Warbird (version 4) with Shimano Ultegra Di2, an Easton 46/30 crankset with 11/34 cassette, Maxxis Ravager tires (40mm, 22/24 psi) on HED Ardennes Plus wheels. His previous Warbird has been converted into his road bike.

What He Navigates With
Lezyne Mega XL

His Favorite Route
Post 35


Reese, along with GeorgeS, are our Colorado and Utah Route Ambassadors. Their enthusiasm for gravel and all things bikes is beyond limits!

Reese is an avid endurance trail runner and cyclist. When she isn’t out riding gravel roads or running up a mountain near her home in Colorado, she’s drinking hot tea and staring at her French Bulldog, Loaf, and planning her next adventure.

What She Rides
Reese has two different Cervelo Asperos. Theo, is a gold 700cc AXS build, which is great for a lot of the gravel roads around Fort Collins. When she’s headed out on a very technical ride, she hops on her Comet, a teal 650b X 47mm Aspero with a GRX 1x build kit. 

Favorite Route
“There are so many places and routes that I love. Right now my fondest memories come from my Cedar Mesa Ride– there is just something so magical about riding in the desert that just can’t be captured in words sometimes. You’ve just go to go out there and ride it to find out why this route is so magical.”

What She Navigates With
“I only trust my navigation to Wahoo devices. I’ve had no problems with my ELEMNT or BOLT, but I tend to use the Wahoo ROAM the most. I love it’s easy to follow routes and maps. It’s long battery life is perfect for those adventures that go on way too long.”

Social Media
You can follow Reese on Strava and Instagram. We really recommend that you do!


George, along with Reese, are our Colorado and Utah Route Ambassadors. Their enthusiasm for gravel and all things bikes is beyond limits!

George started riding bikes as a freshman at Colorado State University. Through the school cycling team, he was introduced to road racing and now rides for the Elevate KHS Pro Cycling Team. 

On the gravel bike, George loves big days of riding in search of new places, seldom used routes, and hopefully an unforeseen obstacle or two to navigate. Based in Colorado, a majority of his rides are spent exploring the Rocky Mountains. Although together, he and Reese Ruland are always planning trips and dreaming of new riding destinations. Deserts and mountains are consistently high in the list.

Favorite Route
“I’ve had the privilege to travel and ride my bike in a huge number of places. Even though many of them are amazing destinations I will always be biased toward Colorado and home. My favorite route is the Cherokee Park Rd loop through the Red Feather Lakes area in Colorado. It’s a beautiful area and there are plenty of roads to choose from.”

Social Media
You can follow George on Strava. We really recommend that you do!


Jeff is our Arizona Route Ambassador. But … he knows a lot about other areas, read on!

Some people read. Some people bowl. And Jeff, he likes to ride bikes. Specifically, he likes exploring big routes. Because he lives in Prescott, Arizona, he’s busy working on a few routes for Dirty Freehub near his hometown. But he travels a lot for work and often has his bike loaded in the car, ready to explore.  

Jeff has been riding forever, he’s always been a bike kind of guy. He’s not afraid to take off by himself on some crazy adventure that he isn’t sure about. The kind where he brings a headlamp just in case.  

Jeff has ridden loads of miles and started his gravel love in ‘93 riding some of the dirt roads near Flagstaff, AZ on a road bike with 23mm tires. Many more gravel miles were logged in and around the area of Lenoir, North Carolina where he ran a bike shop.  He’s raced cross, gravel, mountain biking and tried to be a road racing guy for a lot of years.

What He Rides
Grava Maple Sally / Force1

What He Navigates with
Stages Dash M50

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