Alain Dirty Freehub Ambassador. Alain with his gravel bike.

AlainV started riding bikes 5 years ago and became instantly addicted.  He’s taken up road, MTB, CX and now, gravel racing/riding, which consumes 80% of his available riding time.  As a side project, he supports various local teams in the growth and development of cycling, most recently, in the establishment of local gravel races and rides.  Riding his bike in low traffic remote areas are a top priority.

What He Rides
A Titanium No.22 Drifter (a local bike manufacturer who won best in show at the 2019 NAHBS) sporting a good old reliable Shimano Ultegra grouppo.  Alain stays away from electronic drivetrains as old fashioned cables are easy to fix in a bind…and never need re-charging.  The bike is mounted onto Woven Precision wheels, another local carbon wheel builder.  “We are extremely lucky to have great quality manufacturers / builders right in our own backyard”.  Those wheels are typically dressed up tubeless with anything 38mm or wider.  Currently, Panaracer Gravel Kings (slicks) are providing great comfort, low rolling resistance and incredible puncture protection.

His Favorite Route
Lanark Century ( This route features 100 km of pristine Lanark County (a rural area roughly 50 miles from Ottawa, Ontario) roads, of which most are gravel along with some un-maintained roads.  The gravel roads in the Lanark area are some of the best in Eastern Ontario.

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