My Bay of Fires

Bike rider climbing gravel road hill in forest.

I can hear birds chirping, sunset is coming soon. I’m trying to find the energy to go take a shower but my legs are burning from today’s ride.

I’m laughing about Kevin (Captain “O”) .. twice on our trip in Tasmania we’ve run into a gate with signs that change our direction. How sad he looked both times… today we were at the end of a road on the beach at a beautiful place called Bay of Fires when we found the gate which read:  Private Road, No Trespassing!

Gate with do not trespass sign.

I sat down to eat while Kevin studied the map.

“I think I have a new route,” he said.

That’s a terrifying phrase for me because we now have no idea how much elevation we are going to gain. The distances here aren’t relevant. It’s the 10-25% pitches that kill me.

Bike rider climbing gravel road hill in forest.

We found the new road .. The name: Kennel Hill road. As we started to climb, up and up and up some more. Kevin said, “I really didn’t think this road was going to climb this much.”

I’m sure he could hear my eyes roll. What exactly about the name Kennel Hill road sounded like it was going to be flat.

It added another 1,000 feet.

Haha …

Bike rider standing in front of Bay of Fires

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