Dirty Freehub Bike Kits!

After a long design process Dirty Freehub has full bike kits for sale. Jerseys, shorts, wind vests and wind jackets.

We have worked with two different vendors, and thus have two different designs.


The Dirty Design

Vendor: Ascend Sportswear
Colors: Black / Gray / Yellow

I really like the fit of this kit.  The shorts / bibs are quality and can be ridden in for 4 to 6 hours in comfort.  They offer two jersey choices.  The Volare and the Elevate. The Volare is very light weight. The Elevate is made of a more traditional bike fabric.  Overall, I like the Elevate just a bit better.

Sizing.  We have full fit kits available to determine your sizing. The kits are at WebCyclery / 157 NW Franklin Avenue.  Just ask for the Dirty Freehub sizing kit. For reference, Captain “O” is 55 years old with a fit build, is 5 feet 10.5 inches tall and weighs a 170 pounds.  In shorts / bibs he is a large ( a medium fits, but it is a bit tighter), in a jersey he is a medium / large (He owns and wears both sizes.) In wind vest and wind jacket he is a large.

Gravel Girl is in her early 50’s, fit, and weights 134 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches tall.  In this kit, she wears the large which fits perfectly.  This was for the shorts and short sleeve top.  (So the kits ran small because typically she’s a medium.).

Ordering. Currently closed for this bike kit.  We will place an order in the spring of 2019 for this kit.


The Dirty Frehub Design

Colors: Black / Yellow / Blue

Again, this is a very quality kit.  Captain “O” just did a 6 hour gravel race in this kit in comfort.

Sizing: We do not have fit kits for this product. For reference, Captain “O” is 55 years with a fit build. He is 5 feet 10.5 inches tall and 170 pounds. He wears a medium in the shorts.  This gives a snug fit on the bib straps, thus the kit fits someone who has a regular or shorter torso very well. In the jersey, he is a large and it fits perfectly. The wind vest and wind jacket are unisex in size and tend to run a bit large.  Thus order a size down if you are unsure.  Captain “O” wears a large in each, but could fit into a medium in a pinch. If you are undecided about sizing, ask us.

Gravel Girl is in her early 50’s fit, and weighs 134 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches tall.  She has the shorts and short sleeve version of this kit, both in the medium size.  Both fit perfect with one small exception, the shorts are a bit  long in leg length.

Ordering. Please click on this link to see a full product list and place your order. (Note – to place an order you must first create an account. Click here to create an account, then click here to make your order.) With this vendor the store is open all year and you can place orders at any time. From order placement to product in your hands is about 5 weeks.


The Dirty Freehub Ball Cap

Lastly, we have ball caps for sale.  They come in a medium / large size and a small / medium size.   Both Captain “O” and GravelGirl wear the small / medium size. WebCyclery has both sizes on hand for trial.  The cost of the ball cap is $25. Please click on this link to order your cap. We will take orders on the cap through September 25th and then place the manufacturering order.  Payment will be made when the caps are on hand. Ball caps take about 4 weeks.


Note, we are pricing all products at our cost. Our goal is to build brand awareness and get the Dirty Freehub name out there.

Thanks for getting Dirty with us!!

Photo Credit: Trevor Lyden Photography

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