Gravel Girl

Gravel Girl (aka Linda) is one of the co-founders of the Dirty Freehub.

Gravel Girl loves bikes and is often with Captain “O” (KevinE) on their crazy adventures. She just loves all the logging roads in Central Oregon, spinning along while rarely running into a single car and yet getting to gab with her pals while riding. Gravel Girl loves testing out routes, organizing rides through the BACE (Bend Area Cycling Enthusiasts) MeetUp group and snapping pictures.

Her favorite route is Sherman’s March …  oh wait, that would be Donnybrook… oh wait, that would be Motown… O’Leary Landslide.  She really can’t decide.  It’s usually whatever ride she did yesterday. But if she REALLY had to just pick one, it would be O’Leary Landslide.

Her gravel bike is Niner RLTO on tubeless tires and a Lauf fork.  She has two custom road bikes from Davidson in Seattle.   And somewhere in the garage, collecting dust, is a lonely mountain bike.

For navigation Gravel Girls uses a Garmen Edge 1000 to follow routes and an iPhone with the RidewGPS application when she gets lost or needs to reroute. She just started using a Wahoo device and loves the simplicity… nice to be able to see the route easily!